On-Site OSHA Training

Regardless of how well-written your mandated OSHA programs are, regardless of how long your training sessions are, or that your handouts are in color and over 30-pages, OSHA will evaluate and validate the effectiveness of your staff training program on only one factor – employee knowledge! Many facilities conduct staff training sessions only for a couple of standards, and often times the training only addresses specific facility concerns. However, OSHA requires annual training for many standards and we will assess your workplace for hazards which may require annual, site-specific training as well.

Our two-hour OSHA staff training program provides employees with updated germane information on the mandated programs in which OSHA requires annual training. HCR provides management with appropriate documentation of the training session and all programs contain handouts, photos, and news articles germane to your specific type of facility. Our sessions keep staff awake and listening. As a result, your employees will remember the importance of working safe!